"Find your rhythm and the whole world will dance with you" 

 - Johann (Gerhard) van der Hoven"


Johann van der Hoven is the founder of MIND SCULPTURE. He also serves as Business Development Manager for INTELLISTAFF South Africa in the Western Cape.

Mind Sculpture is a powerful resource platform that delivers a variety of practical tools to ensure maximized performance and productivity in life and at the workplace, by introducing practical principles to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of both management as we as their employees. 

During these exceptionally difficult and stressful times, Johann provides practical solutions for businesses to stay competitive and profitable in the marketplace, by ensuring the well-being and positive attitude of their most important commodity - their human resources.

Speaking to directors, management and employees, he inspires hope by providing real answers to overcome anxiety, fear, eliminate depression and to regain a positive outlook in the present business climate, as well as for the future prospects in the coming years.

MIND SCULPTURE provides the latest International statistics and trends in the market place, as well as business tools, currently being implemented around the world.

Johann speaks at corporate events, hosts business seminars, small groups, conferences as well as on social networks.

Johann (Gerhard) van der Hoven 

Business Developer for IntelliStaff South Africa & Founder of MindSculpture.

Emotionally Whole = Maximised Profits!

 For the past thirty years Johann vd Hoven has played a significant role in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and restoration of thousands of people from all walks of life, all around the world. 


Johann's vision is the complete wellness of the spirit, mind, emotions and the physical being of the individual. He speaks to people about themselves, their work and about their relationships, helping them to develop healthy and meaningful lives, producing the rewards of living fulfilled, peaceful and prosperous, in all areas of their lives.


 Providing Practical Principles & Tools for Success


- How to begin a successful business with limited resources
- Business principles and practices that will make you more money!

- Building a high value business - Begin from the ground up!
- Your business can grow fast - Here is how!
- How you invest will determine what you receive in return



- Recruitment - How to make sure you find who you need

- How to successfully motivate your staff
- Building Brand Loyalty among your employees
- Becoming a GREAT BOSS people love to work for!
- How to increase your sales - Rapidly! 

- The pro's and con's of opening multiple businesses 
- How to successfully establish and manage a business outside of your immediate area

- When it's time to Reinvent yourself - The point of no return. 

   How to recognise when you need to make a shift and how to make it!

- Winning at LIFE - The secret to living a peace-filled, prosperous and fulfilled life.


- Principles that will give you an advantage staying employed
- How to become an asset to your employer
- How to get yourself promoted - FAST!
- Don't just work, use the opportunity to grow!

- Things never to do if you love your job!

Johann speaks at corporate events, at seminars, conferences, business chambers &  religious institutions.