Johann vd Hoven is a mentor,  life advisor and an empowerment strategist. What that simply means is that he strategically empowers people from all walks of life to grow into their full potential and to become more successful in their businesses, careers, relationships and in their own experience of life. He assists people in identifying and overcoming the obstacles that has kept them from experiencing the joy of living life the way they were intended to.


He brings a fresh and new understanding to his audience that has helped a vast number of people to find their true rhythm in life. His methods are un-conventional and out of the box, allowing people to see, learn and experience themselves in ways they previously never have.

"The success of anything in life is not so much determined by our circumstances, or by what we have or do not have. It is largely dependents upon the inner-health and the wellness of our soul. How we see ourselves and measure our ability, will determine what we deem possible for us to achieve on the stage of life playing out around us. 

Will you be a lead performer, or a supporting act, or will you be the cleaner, sweeping the stage after the performance is done? In essence there is nothing out of place with any of these roles, so long as you are playing the right one! 

In many cases we are playing a part, only to the potential we perceive ourselves as being capable of achieving, while there is so much more that we have to offer the world! These perceptions are misguided mindsets produced by a variety of influences or circumstances in ourselves, that has made us believe what is in fact untrue about ourselves! 

It is important to find your true self and true potential, rather than to live by what circumstances and people have projected over you.

If your inner-vision is dark, cluttered by negative influences and ideas about yourself, you will be limited in believing in yourself also. If your soul is healthy and full of Light, your vision will be clear and your success assured!" - Johann (Gerhard) vd Hoven

johann vd hoven

Johann (Gerhard) van der Hoven.

Personal background

Johann specialises in dealing with the psyche (spiritual and emotional wellbeing) of man, he assists individuals from all walks of life to discover their own unique inner-genius and potential and how to both access the hidden wealth of creativity within themselves. He has been helping individuals from all walks of life to find their personal rhythm and success since 1990.