Emotional Intelligence – What it is and why it is in demand

#What #Is #Emotional #Intelligence?


Emotionally Intelligent people are sensitive to what others are unable or unlikely to detect. They are more aware of their environment and to those who are in it. They can easily detect the emotional state of being of others, simply by being around them. They ‘sense’ what is not otherwise detectable.

They are also able to perceive by sense whether a proposed idea will succeed or fail, based upon their ability to ‘read’ people and to accurately predict certain behavioural traits.

Whereas IQ determines someone’s ability to make a clever decision. EQ will determine whether someone will make the right decision or call at the present moment. EQ gives the advantage to make an emotionally correct decision at a time where a mere clever decision may prove to be the right thing done at the wrong time.

Emotionally Intelligent people are highly valuable in any business environment. They are able to make decisions based upon what they sense is the correct approach at any given time and because their decisions are not merely based upon what the situation demands, but also takes others in consideration, as well as looking beyond the present moment and how their decisions may influence any given situation, beyond the immediate call they are asked to make, they generally are very good with retaining and growing long term relationships, which promotes long term business.

People with high EQ are sensitive in their behaviour towards others, reliable in what they commit to do and honest in their dealings. They are generally more creative and open minded in their approach and always seek a way to find a solution, rather than to give up. They think out of the box and beyond what is considered to be the norm and therefore also tend to tap into dormant potential, previously overlooked. They are stable, mature and able to work around obstacles to reach desired objectives.

Instead of merely stepping away from a problem, they tend to find a way to solve their “Rubik’s cube”.

It is for this reason that more companies today are looking to find people with a high EQ, rather than only being brilliant at knowing what to do (IQ). They are looking for more than problem solvers, they are looking for individuals who are able to grow their business through lasting positive influence.

- Johann van der Hoven

("MindSculpture" - The Book - Johann vd Hoven)